Hi there, I’m Jill Phillips, the owner/operator of His Fingerprint Photography.  My home base is in Marshfield, Missouri, and the Missouri Ozarks is where I typically work, but I offer services outside of the area too.

I’ve been married for 25 years to my favorite computer geek and we have 2 daughters.  I’m a daughter of the King, and I strive to see His fingerprint on the life of each person I meet.  I find photography therapeutic, and being able to document the everyday things in the life of my family is something I cherish.

What I love most about photography is that I’m able to allow my clients the chance to see the fingerprint of the ultimate Artist in their lives.  During a time in life when the world makes them feel like they’ll never be enough, I want them to see their worth.  So many life decisions are made during the teen years, and forming a positive view of yourself can change the way you face life’s challenges.  Working with pre-teens up through to young adults has been part of my life’s calling and it just naturally flows into my work as a photographer as well.  

My camera of choice is a Canon 6D, which is nicknamed “Irene”, after my Granny.  My go-to lens of choice is the Canon 50mm 1.4 or the Canon 70-200, but I also love using vintage SLR lenses with adapters.  From an early age, at any family gathering, Granny would hand me her little 110 camera and I was the designated photographer and from then on, I was smitten.   I love animals, so any time we can incorporate them in your session, you can be sure I’ll smile (unless it’s a spider, then you’ll have to find someone else).

I love everything mid-century, especially cameras, books, globes, maps, coffee carafes, and Pyrex.  Sometimes I even think I was born in the wrong decade because my house is furnished with mid-century furniture and decor and I can’t imagine wanting it any other way.   I can’t resist looking at old photographs when I’m at a flea market or antique store.  It breaks my heart to see someone’s memories shoved in a sale box, in fact,  I’ve been known to purchase the ones that really catch my attention, even when I have no earthly idea who is in the photo.  I also love coffee, but I prefer my own coffee made in a vintage percolator to that of a coffee shop.  My comfort zone is behind the lens, but I’ve learned to get in front and make sure that I have pictures with my family and friends.  I love overlooked details.  Clouds make me smile, as do sunsets. 

For the past few years, I’ve been part of a TNR (trap/neuter/return) program for our community’s cats and that led to my family fostering cats and kittens with Rescue One.  Lots of sweet little ones have been temporary residents at our home as we socialized them and prepared them for life with their forever families and we’ve found so much joy in helping this cause.  There’s a good chance that as I edit your photos I will have someone’s future feline best friend either sitting on my desk or in my lap.  Rescue isn’t easy but it is so rewarding.  So with that being said, I’ll leave you with this request.  Please, pretty please, spay or neuter your pets!